Gijs van Dedem
Scientific Advisory Board member; PhD, Prof.

Gijs van Dedem is an acknowledged expert in heparin chemistry. Gijs is co-inventor of danaparoid (Orgaran®), a heparinoid antithrombotic drug developed by Organon and later acquired by Aspen Pharma. Gijs has served among others as Chief Biochemist of Organon, Professor of Analytical Biochemistry at Delft University of Technology, Kluyver, and is a member of among others The Royal Dutch Chemical Society and The Royal Dutch Biochemical Society.
Coenraad Hemker
Scientific Advisory Board member; MD, PhD, Prof.

Coenraad Hemker is Emeritus Professor and Senior Councillor Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht and Director of Synapse BV, a scientific consultation company focused on haemostasis and thrombosis. Coenraad is an acknowledged authority in the field of haemostasis and thrombosis, the author of over 500 scientific articles and has received numerous honours and awards.
Jonathan Himmelfarb
Scientific Advisory Board member; MD, PhD, Prof.

Jonathan Himmelfarb is currently Professor of Medicine, Director of Kidney Research Institute and The Joseph W. Eschbach Endowed Chair in Kidney Research at the University of Washington, Seattle, U.S. Jonathan’s clinical and research interests focus on clinical and translational kidney research, including oxidative stress and inflammation in chronic kidney disease, biomarkers of cardiovascular risk in kidney disease, dialysis vascular access and mechanisms of proteinuria. Jonathan serves also among others as Councilor of the American Society of Nephrology and in the Scientific Advisory Board of Satellite Health Care Research Foundation, ABIM Subspecialty Board on Nephrology, External Review Committee in KEEP Program of National Kidney Foundation and Editorial Board in Kidney International.
Michael Kroll
Scientific Advisory Board member; MD, PhD, Prof.

Michael Kroll is Professor of Medicine and Chief of Benign Hematology at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, U.S. Michael is an acknowledged expert in thrombosis whose basic research focuses on mechanisms of thrombosis and clinical research on thrombotic disorders. He is one of 13 international experts who participate in the American Society of Hematology’s (ASH) “Consult a Colleague” program in Hemostasis and Thrombosis. Michael serves also among others as Co-Chair of MD Anderson Cancer Thrombosis Work Group.
Mauri Lepäntalo
Scientific Advisory Board member; MD, PhD, Prof.

Mauri Lepäntalo is Emeritus Professor and former head of vascular surgery in Helsinki University Hospital in Finland. Mauri has served among others as President of Society for European Vascular Surgery and participated in the writing of several clinical guidelines.
Zaverio Ruggeri
Scientific Advisory Board member; MD, PhD, Prof.

Zaverio Ruggeri is Professor, Department of Molecular and Experimental Medicine at The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, California, U.S. He is also Director of the Roon Research Center for Arteriosclerosis and Thrombosis at the same institution in La Jolla. He has received numerous awards and is among others an honorary member of the Italian Hemophilia Foundation and a member of the International Society on Thrombosis and Hemostasis, the Council on Thrombosis of the American Heart Association, the World Federation for Clinical Research and American Society of Hematology.
Lars Wallentin
Scientific Advisory Board member; MD, PhD, Prof.

Lars Wallentin is senior Professor of Cardiology and founder and first head of the Uppsala Clinical Research Centre (UCR) at Uppsala University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden. Lars has been President of the Swedish Cardiac Society, founder and first President of the Swedish Heart Association. He also founded and was the first chairman of the Swedish Cardiovascular Registries. Lars has received several prestigious research awards.
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