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Aplagon is a pharmaceutical discovery and development company. Aplagon is developing locally acting antithrombotic products (APACs), currently at late preclinical stage.

Thrombosis means unwanted formation of blood clots inside blood vessels, both in arteries and veins. Treatment of thrombosis requires always antithrombotic drug therapy, which is administered systemically and may carry a risk of bleeds. The risk of bleeds is typically enhanced when both antiplatelet and anticoagulant drugs are used simultaneously, such as during management of arterial thrombosis.

The consequences of thrombosis may be treated with vascular surgery and/or catheter-based interventions, which require protection provided by antithrombotic medication. Vascular interventions and surgery may trigger both acute clot formation and later vascular wall thickening, compromising blood circulation and increasing the risk of thrombosis. We focus on preventing and treating vascular intervention and surgery related thrombosis.

APACs target uniquely both platelets (blood cells responsible for initiation of coagulation) and the coagulation system simultaneously, and are efficient in preventing intervention related thrombosis and later vascular wall thickening. APACs due to their local activity have important safety advantages by decreasing the risk of bleeds. These unique features enable us to focus within the vast thrombosis market first on the so called fast track indications, i.e. life threatening conditions for which no approved therapies exist.

Aplagon is located in Biomedicum Helsinki, the leading life science hub in Finland.

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