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What makes APACs different?

Because coagulation occurs locally, there is a great need for local therapies in many indications.
The current antithrombotic drugs are used systemically for the prevention and treatment of blood clots, i.e. have an effect on circulating blood throughout the body, although their target is local. Locally acting antithrombotics are currently not available.

Systemic administration increases the risk of major life-threatening, or clinically relevant bleeding complications, which are the most common and serious adverse effects of antithrombotics. Local administration would decrease the bleeding risk by allowing smaller doses and reducing effects in areas not targeted.

All current pharmaceutical products target either platelets or the coagulation system. To achieve both these properties combination therapies of several drugs are needed.

APACs differ from the currently available therapies by addressing all these issues through:
Local action
Reduced bleeding risk profile
Dual antiplatelet and anticoagulant mechanism of action

APACs effectively prevent thrombosis and its consequences in association with interventions. APACs offer safety advantages over the current antithrombotic strategies. APACs meet an unmet medical need and are expected to bring significant improvements to antithrombotic therapy.

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