Aplagon Joins The TRACER Excellence Program to Perform In-Human Imaging Study

HELSINKI, FINLAND and GRONINGEN, THE NETHERLANDS, September 8, 2022. Today, Aplagon Oy (“Aplagon”) announced that it will start its in-human imaging study to visualize the effect of its innovative APAC compound in patients with peripheral arterial occlusive disease / critical limb ischemia. The study will be executed in collaboration with TRACER B.V. (“TRACER”), a CRO specializing in molecular imaging techniques and fast in-human clinical trials. The project is performed under The TRACER Excellence Program (TEP).

The study will be based on APAC that is coupled to zirconium-89 without altering the functionalities of APAC. The labeled molecule will be systemically administered into the patients. PET images will be acquired at various timepoints after administration to demonstrate the distribution and retention of radiolabeled APAC. By this we aim to visualize the unique targeting and long-term retention of APAC at the sites of vascular injury, such as atherosclerosis.

The TRACER Excellence Program (TEP)
TRACER will perform the study as part of its Excellence Program that provides promising life sciences companies and projects with an exclusive opportunity to advance their technologies and development under financially beneficial terms, such as clinical translation at cost price.

Aki Prihti, CEO of Aplagon, said: “We are highly excited to join the TRACER excellence program. With the help of TEP, we can significantly accelerate our clinical development efforts in advanced peripheral arterial occlusive disease / critical limb ischemia. We will also benefit from TRACER’s world-leading expertise in imaging studies”.

Go van Dam, CEO of TRACER, emphasized: “From our first meeting with Aplagon it was clear to us that APAC has the power to positively impact many patients lives. That’s why we are excited to accept them to our Excellence Program and help them get APAC to patients faster at a lower development cost.”

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About Aplagon Oy
Aplagon Oy is a pharmaceutical development company, based in Helsinki, Finland, developing proprietary locally acting vasculo-protective antithrombotic products (APACs). APACs actively target vascular injury sites to provide long-term local antithrombotic and anti-inflammatory protection without a prolonged systemic effect. Aplagon is based on the pioneering research performed by Prof. Riitta Lassila and associates at Wihuri Research Institute in Helsinki, Finland on mast cell-derived heparin proteoglycans. For further information contact aki.prihti@aplagon.com or visit www.aplagon.com.

TRACER B.V. is a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) specializing in fast-track solutions for the clinical testing of innovative biologic therapies as well as advanced nuclear and optical molecular imaging methodologies. TRACER provides its clients with the expertise, infrastructure and capacity to generate fast accurate first-in-human clinical data. This data shows whether the tested compound reaches the target tissue in humans, making clinical trials more cost efficient and products reach the market faster. For more information contact sanne@tracercro or visit www.tracercro.com.