Aplagon Publishes New Data in Prestigious Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology

HELSINKI, September 1, 2021. Aplagon Oy (“Aplagon”), the Finnish pharmaceutical development company developing first-in-class vasculoprotective antithrombotic compounds to treat vascular injury related blood vessel occlusions and tissue damage, today announced the publication of new data as well as an accompanying commentary by third-party experts in the leading, peer-reviewed Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology.

The article, “Safety and Functional Pharmacokinetic Profile of APAC, a Novel Intravascular Antiplatelet and Anticoagulant”, reports preclinical findings on the in vivo pharmacological effects and safety features of Aplagon’s proprietary dual antiplatelet and anticoagulant (APAC) product. The results indicate that APAC is safe, targeted, has a rapid onset of action, and does not accumulate after repeat dosing.

A supporting commentary from third-party scientists, “Antithrombotic Therapy for Vascular Disease and Intervention: The Best is Yet to Come”, discusses the strengths of APAC as an antithrombotic therapy, particularly with regards to its targeted effect at the site of injury.

Riitta Lassila, Chief Scientific Officer of Aplagon, said: “Today’s publication is important for Aplagon as it confirms the safety and pharmacokinetic profiles of APAC in the case of both single and repeated dosing regimens, and enables us to progress the compound into the next phase of pharmaceutical development. We look forward to our upcoming clinical trials.

We were delighted to read the spontaneous accompanying commentary from an Italian research group, which provides broader insights into the possibilities of cardiovascular applications for APAC.”

Aplagon’s APACs are first-in-class antithrombotic compounds with vasculoprotective effects, for the management of vascular injury related blood vessel occlusions and tissue damage. The compounds are named after their unique dual antiplatelet (AP) and anticoagulant (AC) activity. They actively target vascular injury sites where they provide local long-term antithrombotic and anti-inflammatory protection without a prolonged systemic effect, thereby also reducing the bleeding risks associated with systemic antithrombotics. The initial target indications for APACs include hemodialysis access failure, COVID-19/sepsis-induced coagulopathy, and peripheral arterial disease.

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About Aplagon Oy (www.aplagon.com)
Aplagon is a pharmaceutical discovery and development company, based in Helsinki, Finland, developing proprietary locally acting antithrombotic-vasculoprotective products (APACs) for the management of vascular injury related blood vessel occlusions and tissue damage.

Aplagon has a strong network of collaborators among top scientists and laboratories in Europe and the US in the field of vascular medicine and is backed by leading Finnish life science investors. Aplagon is partnered with Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd, one of the largest privately owned pharmaceutical companies in India, for the clinical development and commercialisation of APAC in India.

Aplagon was founded in 2009 and is based on the pioneering research performed by Prof. Riitta Lassila and associates at Wihuri Research Institute in Helsinki, Finland on mast cell-derived heparin proteoglycans. Aplagon owns all Intellectual Property rights to the APAC molecule.

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